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On 12th of June 2018, the results of the competition for the design of an urban-architectural concept for the sports complex of the city stadium in Katowice were announced at the headquarters of SARP in Katowice.
We are pleased to inform you that our competition entry was awarded with the first prize in this prestigious event. In the justification of the jury's verdict we can read:


The first prize is awarded for the design which in the best way met the spatial and imposed requirements by creating  heterogeneous and integrated complex with a minimalist, small scale architecture  that preserves qualities of the natural topography and its natural conditions.

Clear and simple entrance zone to the complex and its alleys at terrain level are valuable contributions to the forest land use. Opening  the building south  to green areas through the entrance square with a landscape view and an avenue connected with it creates a modern open space with features adequate to the character of the object.

The jury considers the hall patio to be a creative complement to the program, providing opportunities for versatile use.

Work in full compliance with the local spatial development plan in this area and feasible to implement without any remarks and changes to the plan in its entirety.
The proposed solutions are cost effective in terms of investment and building’s everyday use.

The work is distinguished by a high graphic culture, sense and the pure elaboration and optimization of the structural elements.”


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